Installation and Basic Usage



When building the gtar module (even when installing from PyPI), a working compiler chain is required. This means that, on Mac OSX systems, you will need to install the XCode command line tools if they are not already installed.

Versioned releases

Install a released version from PyPI using pip:

pip install gtar

From source

Installing the libgetar python module (gtar) from source is straightforward. From the root directory of the project:

pip install .
# Test installation:
python -c 'import gtar'

Note that trying to run scripts from the libgetar source directory will not work!


Documentation is built using sphinx and doxygen. To build it, use the Makefile in the doc subdirectory:

cd doc
make html

Note that we use the breathe python package to interface between sphinx and doxygen. If it isn’t installed (and isn’t available in your package manager), you can install it easily with pip:

pip install breathe --user

The latest version of the documentation is available online on ReadTheDocs.